29 Januari 2015

LinkedIn: Invitation Advice

1) First of ALL: Thank You Very Much For Sending Me A LinkedIn Invitation!

The following is my standard reply to anyone who has sent me a LinkedIn invitation.
LinkedIn's mission is to connect the world's professionals to allow them to be more productive and successful.
Invitations should only be sent to people you know personally because this IS NOT a "silaturahmi" site.
See also LinkedIn's User Agreement at https://www.linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement.
Apology for any inconvenience. 

2) Secondly, How Are You?

I myself am fine!
Just in case, have we ever meet?
If you are not related to FASILKOM UI, please remind me where/ when/ how we have met.
If you were or are a FASILKOM UI student, please inform me if you have taken one of in my class.
Otherwise, I might know you!
Apology for my rusty memory. 

3) About Myself

You might want to visit the following sites:

4) Proper Picture

Your LinkedIn profile should have a proper picture.
I prefer to be not related to anyone with no picture, or "supposed to be" funny pictures like shoes, animals, cartoons, etc.

5) Are we already in a second-level LinkedIn connection?

There should be fellows that are already in our first-level LinkedIn connection.

6) Are you an active LinkedIn member?

If you are not using LinkedIn, what is the point to have a connection?
Therefore, please reply to this message in less than one week!

7) God Bless Achmad Albar, Genesis Phil Collins, AKA Ucok Harahap.
Just kidding. I hope you get it :)

Yours Truly,


This is HOW Me Do IT! Grrr... this blog memo is mainly written for OWN PURPOSES. This post is based on "Google There, Google Here, Try That, Try This, Then Ask". Whether this is PLAGIARY or RESEARCH, there has never been a claim that this is an original work, nor is it necessarily the best solution, and not for Scopus consumption :). Please provide feedback, especially if you have alternative explanations. Hopefully, this note will be helpful in the future when you have forgotten how to solve this trivia problem.


INIlah yang KUlakukan! Grrr... memo blog ini terutama ditulis untuk KEPERLUAN SENDIRI. Tulisan ini berbasis "Google Sana, Google Sini, Coba Itu, Coba Ini, Lalu Tanya-tanyi". Entah ini PLAGIAT, entah ini RISET, yang jelas tidak pernah ada klaim bahwa ini merupakan karya asli, serta belum tentu pula merupakan solusi terbaik, serta bukan untuk konsumsi Scopus :). Mohon kiranya memberikan tanggapan, terutama jika memiliki solusi alternatif. Semoga catatan ini akan bermanfaat di masa mendatang, saat sudah lupa cara menyelesaikan masalah trivia ini.


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