25 Januari 2009

Facebook Forever

In most countries in the Arab world, Facebook is now one of the 10 most-visited Web sites, and in Egypt it ranks third, after Google and Yahoo. About one in nine Egyptians has Internet access, and around 9 percent of that group are on Facebook — a total of almost 800,000 members.

ABC News reporting that backstage, President Carter appeared to snub President Clinton on his way out to the platform. Anybody notice that? Apparently, Carter is upset Clinton rejected his friend request on Facebook.

Facebook is more like a utility for (re)-connecting with others that we have known or we want to know. How about Friendster? It is perhaps the same but with a younger and funkier community.

  1. Revolution, Facebook-Style by SAMANTHA M. SHAPIRO, NYT JAN. 25, 2009
  2. Tonight Show by Jay Leno.
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21 Januari 2009

The Haunt of Orde Baru

Kalau bapak Presiden ada hajatan, semua stasiun TV akan secara serempak memutar (relay TVRI) sebuah acara bernama "Laporan Khusus". Itulah yang terjadi jadul (jaman dahulu) Orde Baru. Eh, saat bapak Obama dilantik menjadi presiden, semua stasiun TV secara serempak menayangkan acara tersebut! Weleh... weleh...

Catatan tambahan: bisa jadi, Obama merupakan satu-satunya presiden Amrik yang hafal Pancasila serta dididik dengan kurikulum jaman Orde Baru!

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15 Januari 2009

AWAS: Mouse PS2 MOGOK setelah upgrade Windows XP

Walaupun jarang menggunakan Windows (XP dan Vista), saya tetap memelihara SEMUA komputer dengan mengupdate secara teratur: baik Windows Update maupun Anti Virus.

Akhir pekan ini terjadi hal yang tidak nyaman, yaitu mouse PS2 mogok setelah reboot (upgrade). Sedangkan dalam mode linux, mouse dapat digunakan seperti biasa. Hal ini terjadi pada dua (2) PC seteleh upgrade.

Kedua mouse tersebut tetap berfungsi jika menggunakan colokan USB; sehingga Windows XP dapat digunakan seperti sedia kala...

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13 Januari 2009

Academic Letter of Recommendation Samples

Please help yourself to assemble an Academic Letter of Recommendation. I am using "Mr. Mumbo Jumbo" at "M.J. University" as an example. It would be best if you replaced that with your purpose. Apology, this a la carte was shamelessly ripped off from many web sites:

To Whom It May Concern
  1. I am writing this reference at the request of Mr. Mambo Jumbo who is applying for the Graduate Program at M.J. University.
  2. This serves as an academic recommendation to Mr. Mambo Jumbo as a graduate student of your university.
  3. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mr. Mambo Jumbo as a promising and sincere student of our institution.
  4. I am writing to endorse my support to the application submitted by Mr. Mambo Jumbo for an advanced degree at your institution.
  5. Recommending Mr. Mambo Jumbo, a student of mine for the past two years is a great pleasure for me.
  6. This is to certify that Mr. Mambo Jumbo had been working at the M.J. University, as a Junior Exorcist in period of the year 1883 to 1886. 
  7. Allow me to introduce Mr. Mambo Jumbo, once my student at the Department of Voodoo Science, M.J. University. = = = =
  8. I was Mr. Mambo Jumbo's academic adviser during his undergraduate years (1883-1887) at the M.J. University.
  9. I have been Mr. Mambo Jumbo's undergraduate academic adviser at the M.J. University since his admission in 1883.
  10. I have known Mr. Mambo Jumbo since he enrolled as an undergraduate student at M.J. University.
  11. I have known Mr. Mambo Jumbo for the past one year in my capacity as a laboratory supervisor.
  12. I have known Mr. Mambo Jumbo since one and a half years ago when he was taking my course in Advance Mystique.
  13. I know Mr. Mambo Jumbo for the past two years.
  14. Mr. Mambo Jumbo has been my student for the last two years. 
  15. Time has changed our relation: Formerly he was my student but now he is my young colleague at MJ Univerisity. = = = =
  16. I have known Mr. Mambo Jumbo for many years in my capacity as a Lecturer at Voodoo University. 
  17. I have taught him in several courses in the area of Voodoo Science.
  18. I have been closely acquainted with from past four years of his undergraduate studies at M.J. University I had taught him the subject of Applied Mystique which is the backbone of Voodoo Science for three years.
  19. I have taught him subjects like "Applied Mystique I" and "Applied Mystique II".
  20. I have taught him the subject of Applied Mystique.
  21. I have taught him Applied Mystique during his third and fourth year. = = = =
  22. During his study, he was an intelligent, highly motivated and hard-working student, and he has a strong will to continue his study to higher level.
  23. He was responsible for tutoring and lecturing various subjects such as "Applied Mystique I" and "Applied Mystique II". 
  24. He took "Applied Mystique I" and "Applied Mystique II" from me and earned superior grades in those classes. 
  25. He was doing very well compared to most other students in the class.
  26. He is a sincere and promising student of our institution.
  27. He is one of the sincere, versatile, and brilliant students.
  28. He is a sincere and brilliant student.
  29. I found him very sincere, responsible and dedicated to his course work.
  30. Based on his grades, attendance and class participation, I'd rate Mr. Mambo Jumbo's academic performance in my class as superior. 
  31. He has a very good problem solving capacity as well as ability to reason through complexity.
  32. He is brilliant student who shows spark in his undergraduate studies.
  33. I am very satisfied with his work, especially his capability in doing his research.
  34. He is a promising young student with good academic skills and innate talents.
  35. He managed to work on his own and finished his research on time.
  36. He is capable of working independently as well as as part of a team.
  37. He has interacted very closely with me and I am satisfied with him the level of proficiency achieved by him in Applied Mystique.
  38. One of his qualities was that he used to get deeply involved in his work.
  39. His meticulous, thought provoking nature and ability to do hard-work make him an excellent candidate for research work.
  40. He has leadership qualities and was a active member of our student council.
  41. His proficiency and dedicated work during lectures and practicals impressed me.
  42. He is punctual and perfectionist about his studies and assignments which place him above all.
  43. He has good aptitude and curious mind to be successful in graduate studies. = = = =
  44. As far as English language proficiency is concerned, he has very good commands in reading and listening, but still need to improve his ability in speaking and writing.
  45. He had also done well in his thesis writing, very well organized, and good use of formal language.
  46. He was doing his final year project, under my guidance.
  47. I have seen his dedicated work and inquisitive nature, which he portrayed during this project work.
  48. He is a promising young student with a penchant for learning. 
  49. If his performance in my class is any indication of how he will succeed, he will be a positive addition to the program. 
  50. He is zestful and a versatile student. He takes part in many college functions. = = = =
  51. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Mr. Mambo Jumbo for this academic program.
  52. I am pleased to write this recommendation for Mr. Mambo Jumbo to be admitted to your University.
  53. I am confident that his concentration, systematic work and great skills in performing practicals will help him to achieve great success.
  54. From my heart, I feel he is a worthy candidate for admission to your university.
  55. I recommend him with great confidence.
  56. I appreciate his work during his undergraduate years and with full confidence I recommend him to you.
  57. I strongly recommend admission for him in your graduate school and for any financial assistance you can offer.
  58. I strongly recommend him for Graduate Studies at your university and for financial assistance in the form of Research or Teaching assistant-ship.
  59. I am sure, he is a deserving candidate for research work and I sincerely feel, if given a chance Mr. Mambo Jumbo will definitely attain success in his further studies.
  60. I am confident that he will live up to your expectation.
  61. I wish him all the success for his future endeavours.
  62. It gives me great pleasure to recommend him to you.
  63. In short, I strongly recommend for the acceptance of his application.
  64. I am very much confident that he will be able to undertake this study provided he is given the opportunity to do so.
  65. Overall, I am very satisfied with him work and I am very sure that he would have no problem in taking the graduate work. = = = =
  66. If you should need any additional information you can feel free to contact me at 1-800-328-7448 or by email at mr.bragging@bullpoop.com anytime.
  67. Should you have any question about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  68. God Bless Achmad Albar, AKA Ucok Harahap, whereas Genesis Phil Collins.


This is HOW Me Do IT! Grrr... this blog memo is mainly written for OWN PURPOSES. This post is based on "Google There, Google Here, Try That, Try This, Then Ask". Whether this is PLAGIARY or RESEARCH, there has never been a claim that this is an original work, nor is it necessarily the best solution, and not for Scopus consumption :). Please provide feedback, especially if you have alternative explanations. Hopefully, this note will be helpful in the future when you have forgotten how to solve this trivia problem.


INIlah yang KUlakukan! Grrr... memo blog ini terutama ditulis untuk KEPERLUAN SENDIRI. Tulisan ini berbasis "Google Sana, Google Sini, Coba Itu, Coba Ini, Lalu Tanya-tanyi". Entah ini PLAGIAT, entah ini RISET, yang jelas tidak pernah ada klaim bahwa ini merupakan karya asli, serta belum tentu pula merupakan solusi terbaik, serta bukan untuk konsumsi Scopus :). Mohon kiranya memberikan tanggapan, terutama jika memiliki solusi alternatif. Semoga catatan ini akan bermanfaat di masa mendatang, saat sudah lupa cara menyelesaikan masalah trivia ini.


07 Januari 2009

Top 5 Lies About the Assault on Gaza

URL: http://www.dissidentvoice.org/2009/01/top-5-lies-about-israel%E2%80%99s-assault-on-gaza/

  1. Only targeting legitimate military sites.
  2. Hamas violated the cease-fire.
  3. Hamas is using human shields.
  4. Arab nations have not condemned these actions.
  5. Israel is not responsible for civilian deaths.
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03 Januari 2009


(Lecturing Notes)

Pertanyaan: Apa KABAR?

Jawaban: Kabar adalah sesuatu yang disampaikan secara lisan, tertulis, mau pun elektronis. Pada awalnya, nenek moyang kita menyampaikan kabar secara lisan. Setelah berburu dan bertani sepanjang hari, pada malamnya mereka merumpi mengelilingi api unggun sambil berbagi kabar dan singkong bakar. Tema pembicaraan selalu berputar ke kiri dan ke kanan. Mulai dari teknik berburu, teknik bercinta, kabar terakhir perkawinan bintang sandiwara, atau tentang kisah pesinden kondang yang sedang tumbuh jerawat.

Timbullah masalah, saat komunitas berkembang biak dengan pesat. Budaya lisan ini memiliki berbagai kelemahan, terutama para peserta harus hadir dan aktif pada saat yang bersamaan. Pada saat ada pihak yang berbicara, saat yang sama harus ada pihak yang mendengar. Belum lagi, interferensi jika yang berbicara lebih dari satu. Oleh sebab maka dari itu, muncullah sebuah budaya baru yaitu kabar melalui tulisan.
Kalau sebelumnya kita harus hadir merumpi untuk mendapatkan kabar mutakhir. Namun dengan kabar dalam bentuk tertulis, mulailah berbagai budaya alternatif, termasuk budaya "titip absen".

Menjelang akhir abad 20, kabar mulai berbentuk elektronis. Mulai dari email, usenet news, milis, ftp, gopher, dan www. Zaman GMAIL dimulai pada awal abad 21 ini, ditandai dengan tidak perlu lagi menghapus email karena kuota yang cukup.

Kini adalah zaman gadget. Hampir setiap pihak memiliki alat genggam dengan layar lebih dari 5 inch. Ini menambah kekayaan khasanah definisi "apa kabar": semua yang disampaikan melalui gadget tersebut adalah... KABAR!

: Lain kali jika ada yang bertanya "Apa Kabar", mohon dijawab dengan isi blog ini!


Grrr... memo blog ini terutama ditulis untuk KEPERLUAN SENDIRI. Tulisan ini berbasis "Google Sana, Google Sini, Coba Itu, Coba Ini, Lalu Tanya-tanyi". Entah ini PLAGIAT, entah ini RISET, yang jelas tidak pernah ada klaim bahwa ini merupakan karya asli, serta belum tentu pula merupakan solusi terbaik, serta bukan untuk konsumsi Scopus :). Mohon kiranya memberikan tanggapan, terutama jika memiliki solusi alternatif. Semoga catatan ini akan bermanfaat di masa mendatang, saat sudah lupa cara menyelesaikan masalah trivia ini.