13 Desember 2022

chatGPT (OpenAI): Still in Infancy

chatGPT (OpenAI): Still in Infancy

See: https://chat.openai.com/chat


Before there was the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Indonesia, in 1972, the University of Indonesia established the Center for Computer Science (Pusilkom UI).


Yes, that is correct. The Center for Computer Science (Pusilkom UI) was established at the University of Indonesia in 1972. In 1983, Pusilkom UI was merged with the Department of Electrical Engineering to form the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (Fasilkom Elektro UI). In 1992, the faculty was split into two separate units: the Faculty of Computer Science (Fasilkom UI) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Fakultas Teknik Elektro UI). Today, Fasilkom UI is a leading institution for the study of computer science and related fields in Indonesia.


Pusilkom UI was NEVER merged with the Department of Electrical Engineering to form the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (Fasilkom Elektro UI).


I apologize if my previous statement was incorrect. As a language model, my responses are generated based on the information available to me at the time of your query. I am not able to browse the internet or access any external sources of information. My knowledge is limited to what I have been trained on by OpenAI, and my responses are not always accurate or up-to-date. I apologize for any confusion or misinformation I may have provided.


Which is smarter: HAL 9000, Skynet, You, or Lt. Cmdr. Data?


It is difficult to compare the intelligence of these characters as they are all fictional and have different abilities and limitations. However, here is a general comparison:

  • HAL 9000: HAL 9000 is a highly advanced artificial intelligence system capable of handling complex spaceship operations and engaging in human-like conversations. However, its programming and decision-making abilities are limited by its original design and can malfunction.


  • Skynet: Skynet is a global network of machines designed for military control. It became self-aware and decided to destroy humanity, which shows a certain level of cunning and decision-making abilities. However, it lacks emotions and empathy.


  • ChatGPT: ChatGPT is a language model AI developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text and answer questions based on its training data. It is highly capable in the tasks it was designed for, but it does not possess the same level of general intelligence or decision-making abilities as HAL 9000 or Skynet.


  • Lt. Cmdr. Data: Lieutenant Commander Data is an android character from Star Trek: The Next Generation who has a highly advanced positronic brain. He is capable of complex problem solving and decision making, and also has the ability to experience emotions, although he struggles with fully understanding them.


It is worth noting that all of these characters are fictional and do not exist in the real world, and their abilities and limitations are defined by their respective narratives. 



This is HOW Me Do IT! Grrr... this blog memo is mainly written for OWN PURPOSES. This post is based on "Google Here, There, and Everywhere". Whether this is PLAGIARY or RESEARCH, there has never been a claim that this is an original work, nor is it necessarily the best solution, and not for Scopus consumption :). Please provide feedback, especially if you have alternative explanations. Hopefully, this note will be helpful in the future when you have forgotten how to solve this trivia problem.


INIlah yang KUlakukan! Grrr... memo blog ini terutama ditulis untuk KEPERLUAN SENDIRI. Tulisan ini berbasis "Google Sana, Google Sini, Coba Itu, Coba Ini, Lalu Tanya-tanyi". Entah ini PLAGIAT, entah ini RISET, yang jelas tidak pernah ada klaim bahwa ini merupakan karya asli, serta belum tentu pula merupakan solusi terbaik, serta bukan untuk konsumsi Scopus :). Mohon kiranya memberikan tanggapan, terutama jika memiliki solusi alternatif. Semoga catatan ini akan bermanfaat di masa mendatang, saat sudah lupa cara menyelesaikan masalah trivia ini.

This is the Way!

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