22 April 2023

The Sahih Al-Bukhari Numbering Systems

Some "Sahih Al-Bukhari" scholars and publishers have used different numbering systems over the years, which can sometimes confuse us when referencing specific Hadiths. It is important to note that despite these other numbering systems, the commonly accepted numbering system is the most widely used and recognized among scholars and laypeople. It is the one most often cited and referenced in discussions and studies of Sahih Al-Bukhari. Nonetheless, the Hadith numbers are widely accepted to refer to specific Hadiths in Sahih Al-Bukhari. Several alternate numbering systems include:
  1. The numbering system used in the edition of Muhammad Muhyi al-Din `Abd al-Hamid differs from the commonly accepted numbering system.
  2. The numbering system used in the edition published by Darussalam also differs slightly from the commonly accepted numbering system.
  3. Some scholars and publishers have used a different numbering system for the Arabic text of Sahih Al-Bukhari compared to the translation, which can confuse when trying to match specific Hadiths in both versions.
  4. Additionally, some publishers have divided the Hadiths into smaller or larger sections than others, which can also cause differences in numbering.


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