12 Januari 2012

The First Internet Nation

Some COUNTRY_A scientists were digging 50 meters under the ground, they were surprised to discover small pieces of copper. They studied the copper pieces very carefully and came to the conclusion that 25,000 years ago, there was already a nationwide Internet Connection in ancient COUNTRY_A. They reported this in IHQ (Internet History Quarterly), a first tier scientific journal.

When COUNTRY_B scientists heard the COUNTRY_A announcement, they were just not impressed. They immediately embarked on a project to dig even deeper. When they had dug down to 100 meters, they found small pieces of glass. They studied the glass pieces very carefully and came to the conclusion that 35,000 years ago, there was a nationwide fiber optic Internet in use by the ancient COUNTRY_B.

COUNTRY_C scientists were enraged when they learned of the COUNTRY_A and COUNTRY_B claims. They decided to dig 50 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters under the ground in the Capital. But unfortunately, they found nothing whatsoever. Nevertheless, they came to the conclusion that 55,000 years ago, the ancient COUNTRY_C were already using wireless technology.

To show off, the scientists in COUNTRY_C have invited all scientist in the under-developing countries to conduct a study about "Internet 55000 years ago". The result will be published in the coming IHQuarterly.

(DISCLAIMER: this is an urban legend, and not mine obviously)

3 komentar:

  1. Ini joke tentang cerita apa yah pak?

  2. Generic Urban Legend; you may replace X in COUNTRY_X with any country you wish...

  3. COUNTRY_C := Indonesia !
    Indonesia rules the world :)